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  • Ai-Fi Home Server
  • Ai-Fi Desktop: Ai-Fi Central Desktop Extension
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Our rights to privacy steadily slip out of our hands under the prevailing surveillance capitalism. The looming IoT tidal wave portends the aggressive invasion of our unguarded home, breaking our last line of defense. We must resist and recognize the lure of "free service" as what it is: the plot to turn us into a product. Our peril far outstrips any convenience and savings gained by signing up to those free services while socializing with one another or connecting to our world.

Ai-Fi.net offers a new paradigm in securely commanding and controlling all our devices end to end. It facilitates
self-reliance as the foundation for privacy and adopts blockchain technologies for achieving the necessary transparency without requiring public IP addresses, owning of domain names, or subscribing for SSL certificates with any CAs (Certificate Authorities). It is anti-tracking, privacy-preserving, demanding no sign-up, and provably secure by design.

Ai-Fi is a protective shield that you pull up to fend off privacy invasion when the suspicion arises. It is not a single isolated app but a suite of apps that works with the core Ai-Fi infrastructure to enable confidential, privacy preserving, end-to-end, and untrackable communications. This mishmash of applications all commits to an unswerving purpose. It preserves our rights to act free.

Human Beings are social animals, meant to connect with everyone around. While regularly interacting with one another in public space, we frequently feel the need of privacy, of being free from uninvited observation or even tracking. Ai-Fi is an on-off switch that you turn on when you feel the need to be left alone. It is not a replacement for public social media or other popular modes of cyber interactions. It offers us a safe haven when situation calls for it.

"There is no cloud, just other people's computers", runs the joke. Unfortunately, those "other people's computers" in the core of the Internet have been monopolized by a very limited few, many of whom operate the cloak and dagger "free services". The only way to break up this blockade is to take matters into our own hands and mobilize our computers and bandwidth for private interconnectivities. The re-architected and blockchain-reinforced cloud infrastructure of Ai-Fi.net manages to invert the Internet and allows us to connect with one another without resorting to the traditional approach that almost always involves certain service providers as go-betweens.

Find out how this collective vision of personal cloud without go-betweens can be realized under the Ai-Fi.net architecture of "inverted Internet".



In order to protect our privacy, we must reduce our reliance on external services and be self-sufficient. We believe that the opaque service providers' core must be circumvented and the client allowed to be "fat". The Ai-Fi Central app, the fat client running on your mobile phone, is feature-rich, self-reliant, and working as a shield against unwanted tracking.


Specific functions in Ai-Fi Central App are packaged as sub-applications. The top three may run stand-alone by themselves. They are:

  • Crypto Wallet: This is to maintain your crypto accounts and identities, which are as secure as Bitcoins. There are a large number of those, without inferring one another involuntarily.

  • PlexiMail/SecureEmail: This is where you manage your Ai-Fi SecureEmails that offer end-to-end encryption without leaking metadata. It is provably warrant-proof and provides both forward and future secrecy (if you care to learn more).

  • CryptoVault/DigiVault: This is a fail-safe, fortified digital repository where you keep your secret notes and passwords, including a "DigiVault" for your top secrets, such as the recovery seed for your crypto (Bitcoin) accounts. Currently it is stored in Ai-Fi Incognito Cloud Storage.
This group of Ai-Fi sub-apps runs as stand-alone applications, capable of interacting confidentially with other Ai-Fi Centrals and with the services in the Ai-Fi Cloud, notably the Ai-Fi Incognito Cloud Storage that are behind the powerful DigiVault protection for your Bitcoins.

On the upper right corner of the main screen, there are "Settings", "Help", and two shortcuts: one for Photo/Video Upload, and another for "SuperLock". All shortcuts have help texts embedded within their triggered applications. "SuperLock" offers a variety of advanced mechanisms for protecting your seed passphrases and private keys for your crypto wallets.


The bottom three sub-apps are network applications that involve at least one remote Domain, which must be firewalled in by an Home Server that insulates devices inside from external threats. An Home Server may be shared among friends and families by properly configuring its ACL (Access Control List). Architecturally Ai-Fi services follow the client-server model with the Home Server functioning as a firewall or an access gateway to various devices behind it with ACL enforcement. You connect to the Home Server through the Ai-Fi Central app on your phone.

We offer many choices of Home Servers, as long as the server software packaged in a Linux Docker container can be grafted onto the server hardware. Diagrammed above are examples of supported server boxes, including an Intel Compute Stick, a Raspberry Pi IV, and two other inexpensive yet powerful Amlogic-based TV Boxes. It can also be installed on a Windows PC as an embedded Docker container, with a bit of complexity in start-up due to its lack of Blue Tooth sometimes.

Included in the latest 2.0 Release are:

  • HomeCloud: This is a File Sync utility based on the popular Nextcloud. There is a shortcut for our most frequently used photo uploads to your Home Server.

  • SmartHome: Most vendors of IoT devices attempt to lock you in their "siloed" remote control clouds. Ai-Fi provides an integrated control scheme so all your devices, regardless of their brands, are administered under a unified interface. It is much easier to manage and eliminates the risk of being tracked.

  • RemoteDesktop: This is the remote desktop utility accessing your PCs through your authorized Home Servers. It supports standard protocols like RDP, VNC, and SSH.

All connectivity are made through the end-to-end encrypted tunnels with Ai-Fi.net as the network glue. Ai-Fi implements its connection services at a low level, with no visibility into the traffic, and without recording any user metadata. It requires no public IP addresses nor DNS names, but maintains full backward compatibility to all traditional client-server LAN applications that would work identically under the Ai-Fi environment.

All remote accesses are authenticated based on one of your identities handpicked privately from your own Wallet, protected by public key cryptography of strength also selected by you. We have prepared a document explaining in more details about how the Wallet, the low-level Ai-Fi cloud connectivity substrate, and your Home Servers are worked together.


Through Ai-Fi Central, your "wallet" maintains a variety of your credentials in addition to all your payment accounts, true to its Bitcoin origin. You are no longer trapped in your PIIs (Personally Identifiable Identities), but become a chameleon with a large inventory of identities, selectable per the application scenarios. Through Ai-Fi.net, you are in control of your own cyber destiny.

In order to back up those files precious to you, usually you first acquired an account with a cloud service and store them under your service account ID. Then you started to wonder if you were operating naked with all the metadata exposed. Your data is only as secure as your passwords and the cloud providers know too much. Ai-Fi.net will make your data as secure as Bitcoin cash and just as anonymous.

Upgrade your "e-postcard" to real secure email. It is based on the latest end-to-end encryption technology with keys freshly negotiated for every new session, even when the recipient is offline. Your email address is further protected by the Ai-Fi Digital Asset Blockchain. It’s not PGP, not S/MIME, and not broken.

Host websites at your own home. Ai-Fi.net will extend the Internet plumbing to your house without hassle. Create your own private social networks so you no longer have to rely on Facebook or other public platforms. Chat away privately. No one is able to listen in, even including us at Ai-Fi.net by design. Voice and video chat are also available, with Cloudless Dropbox included.

Create your own private domain connecting any number of remote branches for you and your community, with internal domain traffic segregated from the Internet and all other domains. Secure worldwide branch connectivity across the Internet with end-to-end encryption. This is enterprise-grade VPN at its easiest and most private for all your personal IoT devices and community.

Your super/top secrets, like your "seed mnemonic phrases" for your crypto currencies, can be tied to any amount of bitcoins. They are subject to failed backups, mistyped letters, forgotten hard drives, corrected SSD devices, and many other hazards. Ai-Fi DigiVault tolerates single-point failures and allows you to distribute them to multiple locations, any single one of which is not sufficient to open the safe. One of them can even go into our Ai-Fi cloud anonymously. This is the strongest and smartest way around.


Network your IoT devices in multiple remote "homes" privately, and securely.


Network your IoT devices in multiple remote "homes" privately, and securely.


Diagrammed above are the usual hacking suspects we face when managing our digital assets. Blockchain technologies improve tremendously our odds against those recognized hazards, but balancing our privacy rights in owning certain digital assets against unintended blockchain visibility is not as obvious.

The Ai-Fi approach is to root the pseudonymity in the DiD (Decentralized Identifier) framework and to manage it through smart contracts over proven blockchains, with individual asset owners actively participating in monitoring and auditing their own digital holdings through adopted identities. This approach is successfully demonstrated by our SecureEmail implementation, treating email addresses as digital assets. Other applications may include digital cash (as anonymous as paper cash), lottery tickets, PKI certificates, any digital credentials with various service providers (siloed among identity providers such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Telegram, WeChat, etc.), just to name a few.