Cyber tracking and stalking start with you as an identifiable entity. All "free Internet services" require a sign-up step to establish and verify your identity at the get-go. has decided to do away with this sign-up demand altogether. Instead of having an account with us, each of our members carries a private crypto wallet containing a large number of DiDs (Decentralized Identifiers), which allow one to apply different DiD per intended application and services. All DiDs are bound to dedicated crypto addresses freely without being part of a payment tab tied to a single account. This is one of the singular features of Without a trackable account, is incapable of collecting any metadata on you as an identifiable entity effectively.

We expect our members to play wisely and carry the cost of jointly.


Other benefits of having many DiDs are the possibility of storing one's files with Ai-Fi while maintaining comfortable anonymity. Ai-Fi offers an independent cloud storage service unlike any other conventional ones. File encryption is the least of your concerns. Our members may safekeep their files with us without revealing any of their PIIs (Personally Identifiable Identities), thanks to their large stash of unlimited DiDs. Otherwise put, Ai-Fi has no metadata on any files in its charge. All they need to do is to pick a anonymous payment account out of all the available ones with sufficient funds, name their files with protective passphrase plus "salt" (client-side random data against anti-dictionary attacks), and send the request to Once the payment is properly received and the file names are unique, those files will be stored with Ai-Fi securely. As long as the storage fees are kept up, those secret files may be retrieved on demand. This is warrant-proof in the sense that Ai-Fi as a service provider has no idea how to tie the submitted files with any PIIs.

This scheme of anonymous file storage is part of the protection mechanism for our DigiVault. Additional details can be found here.


It is quite difficult to safely store the (mnemonic) seed phrase for your crypto wallet, which typically is composed of 12 or 24 words from a common dictionary intended for recovering accounts in your wallet. Regardless where they are kept, there is the danger of losing or exposing them. Anybody else who discovers the phrase can steal the whole wallet, so it must be kept safe like jewels or cash. Two-Factor seed phrases alleviate some of the issues of unwanted exposure, but incomplete without redundancy as we are often advised not to overestimate our ability to remember passphrases especially when we may not use it very often. None of our hardware wallets deals with this hot issue. helps take the edge off this troublesome risk. Armed with the combination of your cellphone, the Ai-Fi Anonymous Cloud Storage, and a clever application of the multi-signature algorithm, you now may protect your seed phrase in 3 locations. Recovering any 2 out of the 3 is able to reconstruct the original phrase and the loss of any single one is not consequential. We call this scheme "Multi-Share Secret Distribution", placed under the SuperLock shortcut.