Let Facebook Be Facebook

We've gotten very used to Facebook. Like 2-billion other fellow users, we are addicted to it, trusting it with our photos, home movies, life stories, and the ups and downs of our daily grind. We've been quite comfortable with and accustomed to the convenience offered by this powerful platform, until the day we found out what they had done to our privacy and our lives.

Facebook is the global flagship for an emerging mode of capital accumulation, the surveillance capitalism. It tempts us into exposing our private world for their profit gains. It solicits social behaviors, monitors those behaviors, maps social interactions, and resells what they learn to advertisers and others.

Apparently we've unknowingly trusted this new brand of capitalism with too much. We must take a step back and reassess how we've been managing our own private data. We'd like to continue using Facebook, but only for public exposure, with "public" being the operative word, and do that with our eyes open. For non-public or private social networking, we need a new plan.

Build Your Own Community Fortress

Bruce Schneier describes our current relationship with those powerful Internet companies as "more feudal than commercial". We are the "vassals, peasants, and-on a bad day-serfs to those feudal lords". In order to gain independence from those Goliaths, we must extricate ourselves from their "protection" and fend for ourselves. We need to build and secure our own private domains, allowing only recognized and approved interactions with the outside world without relying on those big and powerful companies.

To network socially within your own community, think federation. This is not a new concept. We've been doing that the whole time with the all familiar emails, on which there is no single behemoth email service we solely rely. We have Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, yahoo mail, and the rest, all autonomous and none totally dominating. Actually we are quite "federated" in our daily life; we invite people to meet at our own living room, conference room, or townhall, not at Times Square for all to see.

In a nutshell, Ai-Fi.net is an infrastructure cloud with global coverage through which you create your own private domains for your community. Look into [matrix.org] to see how Facebook can be replaced with our supporting the Home Servers. With Ai-Fi.net you construct your own self-sufficient cybercommunity. segregated from all others without losing secure interoperability. Based on this solid foundation, you can only then expand and participate meaningfully in other federations such as emails (Ai-Fi SecureEmail), private dropbox (Ai-Fi Dropbox), decentralized Social Network [matrix.org] with your own private homeservers, etc.

Associate Privately Through Ai-Fi.net

To make your private data private, keep them on your own PC, Mac and mobile devices. Your data will be physically and literally yours. Let Ai-Fi.net provide the missing link, connecting all your devices securely, well protected but instantly reachable from anywhere in the world anonymously.

Turn your Ai-Fi domain into a community asset and reclaim your neighborhood. Share it with your friends and families. The Ai-Fi domain architecture grows out of proven enterprise VPN technology. It is highly scalable to support your wide-ranging requirements and community scope.

Use the cloud services if you must, but strive for protection that is end-to-end, not just end-to-cloud or cloud-to-end. Before the data/cloud industry is adequately regulated and the big brother for sure off your back, you are on your own "in the cloud".

Ai-Fi.net is where you go for building your own private federation. As examples we offer a suite of alternative social networking softwares, self-administered and private but complementary to Facebook. Take advantage of the latest federation offerings like [matrix.org] and use Ai-Fi.net to build your "homeservers". We even offer a secure email service adopting the latest end-to-end encryption technology stronger than PGP and TLS/SSL. Ai-Fi.net is here and now to enable your federation infrastructure.

DeadBolt All Your IoT Devices

The IoT revolution is charging towards us like a raging storm. The security implication of its accompanied tsunami is all too clear to experts, whereas the IoT community has largely turned a blind eye to this immense threat surface and insisted on functionality over security. The repercussion of this ignorance will be devastating. In September 2016, hundreds of thousands of hacked cameras and digital video recorders joined the Mirai botnet, participating in a denial-of-service attack that generated a record-breaking 1.1 terabits per second of traffic, capable of decimating any conceivable Internet service. The small size of those "things" doesn't make them any less damaging.

DeadBolt is a new security framework proposed for managing IoT network access. Although experts may differ about the functional composition of the DeadBolt AP (Access Point), the dire need for the IoT firewall embodied in the DeadBolt style of defense is difficult to refute. Ai-Fi.net subscribes to this security architecture and intends to actively provide tools for its construction.

In addition to deadbolting all your IoT devices through Ai-Fi AP's, the hierarchy of "IoT Fogs" and "IoT Clouds" can be easily and correctly architected through Ai-Fi.net as well. Protect your IoT world through Ai-Fi.net.

Structure Ai-Fi.net as a Public Utility

The ultimate goal of Ai-Fi.net is to provide an all encompassing and completely decentralized security infrastructure for our users to conduct business privately. We want to offer a global federation infrastructure so that social interactions are carried out among ourselves without the intervention of a centralized service like Facebook. This will, however, remain a vision for the foreseeable future due to the complexity of the Internet and the limitation of the network decentralization technology itself.

For now, the next best thing is for us to serve like a public utility, taking a cue from the non-profit signal.org. We intend to deliver to our subscribers transport security and content privacy like pure tap water, flushing out all extraneous tracking apparatus and invasive meta-data. We offer universal secure connectivity from beginning to end for private interaction and team work. We adopt the strongest possible encryption with both forward secrecy and self-healing future secrecy, end to end, which makes it moot whether we are warrant-proof or not.

Interfaces to this network utility infrastructure are open-sourced so that like-minded application builders and IoT integrators may take advantage of our unique, sufficiently decentralized, privacy-preserving architecture. Through our App Store, together we can build a brave new social networking world.