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Upgrade your "e-postcard" to real secure email. This is embedded in all Ai-Fi client packages without leaking your Ai-Fi account pseudonymity. It is based on the latest end-to-end encryption technology with session keys freshly negotiated each time you email someone, even when the recipient is offline. It’s not PGP, not S/MIME, and not broken.

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There are many so-called "Secure Email" services around, which make various function claims. For you as an informed consumer evaluating secure emails, we would recommend working from the following checklist of features: Federation, End-to-end Encryption, Perfect Forward Secrecy, Key Store, Private MS and SP Meta-data Protection.

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Email Federation

Email federation offers a level playing field so that all email services, large and small, may coexist harmoniously through the federation infrastructure.

End-to-end Encryption

We obviously prefer the encryption to be end-to-end and not indirectly mediated by the service providers or any third partie

Perfect Forward Secrecy

We protects past mails against future compromises of secret keys or passwords.


Ai-Fi Secure Email maintains separate key pairs for protecting the end-to-end encryption of your secure emails.

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