Release Notes of Ai-Fi Central for Apple iOS


As of 6/1/2019, the Ai-Fi Central on Apple iOS is the only Ai-Fi client software released to the public. It is currently in Alpha. The Android version will follow shortly. To install the iOS version of Ai-Fi Central from the Apple App Store, point your iPhone to:


While this software strives to be self-documenting, there is a HELP text available and embedded within the software, presenting a more detailed description of Ai-Fi Central and those "coming soon" features. Give it a read after installing it.

In the future when Ai-Fi Central is extended to cover additional functions to protect your IoT assets, you may find our blog entries and those materials listed under the "Support" column in our home page helpful in configuring the full Ai-Fi environment.

Issues to Watch For

V. 2.0

  1. The database of this release is incompatible with all previous versions. Delete all previous versions and apply recovery to get back your KeySafe files and other configuration data.
  2. The only way to change the passwords is to erase the current account and restart the Ai-Fi Central in recovery mode, which allows for the change of passwords as part of the recovery process.
  3. SecureEmail supports only a single email account through a single email provider.
  4. Received Ai-Fi Mails, once decrypted, are loaded in the phones to which they are delivered. In future releases the user may archive the decrypted emails along with their keys for later perusal.
  5. The support for KeySafe database export/import is not yet available. However, with Auto-Sync option you may back up your encrypted database to the Ai-Fi Cloud. In future releases the backup will be allowed to reside on your private assets (such as your PC, NAS, tablets, or other smart phones).